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We maintain the products that we supply to you so our invested interest is important.

It is vital that you have the right product and that we are on hand should you have a problem or query.

We have negotiated with our acquirers to be able to offer you very competitive MSC (Merchant Service Charge) rates and fees for processing credit and debit card payments.

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credit and debit card transaction fees and charges
Transaction Fees & Charges

This cost is charged in a percentage of the amount for accepting credit and debit cards. We supply both and in doing so, are able to offer very competitive merchant processing accounts and in-house supported terminal hire and purchase options. This sets us apart from most in the industry that use a third party to look after the terminal we do it all in house. We offer merchant processing accounts with competitive fees and charges. If you require a merchant processing account setting up, we can set up a merchant service processing account with one of our acquirers. Our terminals are certified with all major merchant service acquirers in the UK. You will require a merchant processing account for processing credit and debit cards and we can help you with this. We offer our preferred merchant processing accounts to small and medium enterprises as well as to large corporate entities. Nobody gets treated any differently here at Mobile Terminals "We Keep You Procesisng" is what we do Even if you are a large multi million pound operation we have one approach to all customers.


What MTL can do for you?

We offer competitive fees and charges here at MTL. Each quote that we give to our customers is created to suit the needs of their business, making sure that you get the very best out of our services. There are no hidden fees or charges in the quotes that we provide to you, we provide our customers with all the facts and figures that they will need. Our quotes are very simple and easy to understand and we are always here to help with any problem or query that you may have. Recently Visa and Mastercard have changed their rate charges, in doing this, we are sure to provide you with the best quote we can for your business needs. Here at MTL we can help you to start accepting credit and debit card payments now.

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